Cooperating with Google is the best method of getting traffic to you

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "seo"The lifeblood of every website or blog is traffic. After all the purpose of writing is to get someone to read your work. Most of the new readers to your blog or site will come from Google and the other big search engines.

Ever since people realised the value of getting traffic to their websites smart operators have been trying to ‘game’ search engines. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry was born.

What’s Wrong with SEO?

There are two types of SEO – black hat and white hat. Black hat methods use tricks to try to fool Google into giving more traffic to a site than the quality of the content justifies. Of course these tricks will work in the short term only, if at all.

White hat SEO involves sensible attention to details such as including keywords in the filename, title, keyword and description tag as well as using the keyword sparingly throughout the text. These are all reasonable things to do while writing your blog or web page but the danger is that you will become focused on the more technical on page factors of getting Page Rank.

Internet users are plagued by get-rich-quick types who want to sell the latest traffic boosting miracle methods. If these methods work then why do these people want to sell their secrets?

A Game Theory Analysis.

Game theory is a branch of mathematics which was developed based largely on the work of Nobel laureate John Nash, the subject of the novel and the film ‘A Beautiful Mind’. Interactions between species in the environment, groups in society, businesses in the economy or cells within an organism

are modelled as games. Payoff matrices are used to show the outcomes of various decisions by the players.

Games can be classed as zero sum, where there is a winner and a loser, or as positive sum where both players can win by cooperation.

Let’s look at the competition for Page Rank and traffic as a game with three players – the web writer, Google and the reader.

Google wants to give the reader what she wants – relevant, well-written, quality information. This makes the reader happy that Google is the best way to find information on the web, and she will use Google over and over. This is a win-win situation.

How can the web writer get into this situation to make it win-win-win? The answer is to focus on giving the reader and Google what they want – quality information. The writer must develop the mindset of a content provider, rather than a competitor. It is more important to write quality content than to chase every little SEO trick.

So much for the theory, but does it work?

There is one internet business building system that uses the content-driven approach. They offer proof, via Alexa’s independent traffic monitoring service, that a majority of their adherents get traffic.

Can this work for your website or blog?

The content method has been used successfully in a wide range of content areas including electronics, entertainment, food and wine, finance, home business, health and fitness, travel and self help. However, more competitive niches such as weight loss and fitness require more than content, SEO links can and should be considered.

Best Waterproof Material That You Can Use In Your Backpack

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Laptop backpack"Nowadays, whether you are a student or a business man, laptop is the one thing that has become a thing of daily necessity as it can prove to be very helpful in many ways. Nowadays, you almost carry your laptop everywhere that’s why it is very necessary for you to have a laptop backpack in which you can easily place your laptop during your travel.

Laptop backpack can prove to be very useful as it is designed especially for the laptop protection and more than that nowadays there are many backpacks available that come with a feature of waterproofing. Having a waterproof backpack can prove to be very valuable because the weather can get cloudy and it can rain any time. That’s why it is always good for you to purchase a backpack that has a waterproofing feature enabled. In order to get the best deal as well as buy the waterproof laptop backpack you can visit the given link

Types of material for laptop backpack

  • Plastic – if you have a low budget for a backpack then this is the best material option for you to have, it is a very cheap material and also has natural waterproofing quality.
  • Polyester – this material is one of the most favorite when it comes to waterproof backpacks. This material provides great protection against the water and is also very comfortable to use. Backpacks made of this material come in many different styles and finishes.
  • Canvas – this is one of the most used and also considered as the most ideal laptop backpack. It provides very good waterproofing to your backpack. This material is considered as very funky as well as very stylish choice. This material is also washable so that it can look new again and more than that it is also known as an eco-friendly material.

Truckle Bed As The Extra Bedding In Your Bedroom For Emergency Needs

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "trundle bed"It can be trouble for you to manage with a small guest room in your house if many guests have arrived at your home. In order to be ready for such situation, you need to have the extra bedding option. It will make the extra sleeping space in your house without causing any kind of inconvenience. But, spending money on construction of a new room is not feasible. Thus, people nowadays look for the affordable option for adding a bed in the house. They look for the folding beds and the truckle beds which are a useful option in case of emergency like sudden arrival of your guests from the other city. Truckle bed is also known as the trundle bed and these are the low beds which are attached to the master bed. It can be drawn out when there is a need of extra bed and can be pushed under the bed when not in use.

Trundle bed at the furniture store

There are lots of local and online furniture stores which offer this style of bed. If you are planning to buy this type of bed then you can visit their store or see their website to check out various designs of truckle bed. It will give you an idea about the designs which you can have in this type of bed. Viewers also have the option to buy the best design of trundle bed.

Bunk bed with trundle bed is one of the latest designs in the bed which offer multiple bed option. So, no matter if two or five guests are at your home, you will be able to accommodate everyone with comfort. The trundle bed can be rolled out when you need and pushed back again when not in use. The size of the master bed and the attached trundle bed will be different. The mattress of the trundle bed is thin as compared to the mattress of the master bed in order to easily push the low bed under the main bed.

Carrageenans – Should You Buy Them?

Image associéeAlthough carrageenan does not come first in your mind when thinking about food additives, find out that this particular one is quite popular and has been for decades. It can be found in a wide variety of food products, including meat and fish-based processed foods, dairy products and even some vegan or natural-labeled products.


Although quite controversial and potentially harmful to your health, carrageenans are yet to be further investigated in order to offer true insights about their flaws and strong points. Nevertheless, as the world urges through a more natural diet, forgetting about processed foods and food additives or preservatives, one cannot help but questions – are carregeenans safe to use?


What researches say?


Although carrageenans have been recently put on the market for discussions, certain researches conducted until this date do not offer too much insights regarding the potential benefic or harmful effects of their use on a constant base. Some researches associate the use of carrageenans with certain health affections, including nausea and digestive system problems while others, on the contrary, brag about their potentially benefic effects.


Controversial and non-conclusive to this very end, carrageenans are positively linked to effectively treat bronchitis, coughs, tuberculosis, intestinal problems and even ulcers or as laxatives. Some people go as far as applying this ingredient directly on their skins to treat discomforts around the anus area.


Where is it found?


Although mainly found in the food industry, carragenans are extracts from red algae and seaweeds and can also be used as thickening agents in medications and toothpaste. Carrageenan has also been used as a binder or thickening agent in certain weight loss products, although with questionable results.


So is it safe to use? Although using it or purchasing products that contain this ingredient is up to you, you should know that the Food and Drug Administration considers it a safe ingredient to use.

Epilator vs Waxing

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "epilator hair"Show me a woman who does not like a fuzz free body. Since time immemorial women have craved for a smooth radiant skin devoid of hairs. Teddy bears are indeed lovable and cuddly but it’s repulsive when a woman shows off her leg with shaft of hair. Waxing is been used in Egypt since the time of Pharaoh whose queen was famous for fuzz-free glowing skin. Waxing is still popular in twenty first century though epilating is catching up fast and becoming more popular than waxing. Waxing is messy although the result lasts for about 4-6 weeks. Waxing is done by using either hot wax or cold wax. Hot wax leaves the skin supple and smooth after pulling off the shaft of hair. The exercise can be done at the comforts of one’s own home and the temperature control is dependent on your sensitivity of skin. Cold wax strips are quick and require no preparation time. The hands need to be warmed up before applying the cold wax. The hot wax is much more effective as it grabs the ingrown tiniest hair in comparison to cold wax. A hot shower bath is necessary to obtain the best results for waxing. Waxing is easy to use, inexpensive and last long with lighter and finer re-growth. A sticky residue on the skin post application can add to the cleanliness woes until cleaned properly. Warming up the wax will need some time and the procedure is painful as the hair gets pulled out.

Epilator on the other hand can be done in a few minutes’ notice and the effect of smooth supple skin lasts for 4-6 weeks. The same results as that of waxing are obtained using an electrical device. This is completely mess free and is ideal for touch ups. Epilators are one time investment and scores few points extra in epilator vs waxing.

All You Know About Mark Hurd

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Mark Hurd CEO of three big companies has a huge list of achievements under his belt. He is one of the greatest businessmen who has a great vision, ability to adapt the things quickly, locate the problems very quickly and also find the easy way to solve the problems.

He came from the family who has no business background, but still he had an interest in business and his interest lead him to this position where he got many individual awards for his contribution to this business world. It was not that simple to achieve this target because there were lots of difficulties and problems that he had to face throughout his journey. He has also written some books that are considered as a must read for those who want to do something unique and big in their life.

Professional journey

He joined the company NCR in 1980 as sales man, but his dedication towards his service lead to the quick growth of the company and after 23 years, that is, in 2003 he got a post of CEO where he served for 2 more years. Seeing his dedication and work effort, HP also approached him for the post of CEO in 2005, during that time period HP suffered from great loss but hiring Mark Hurd proved to be very beneficial for them as he was able to convert the loss percentage of company into profit percentage.

During his time in HP, he also took very bold steps that are also considered very crucial for the growth of HP. In order to recover from losses, he suggested to get rid of the extra work force of the company and the salary of the on job employees was also reduced. Now, he is serving as the CO-CEO of Oracle after his friend Larry Ellison offered his position at oracle.

Achievements Of Mark Hurd As A CEO And Manager

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Oracle is one of the biggest and well known brands all over the world. It is one of the world’s biggest IT companies and maintaining and managing such a big company is not an easy task. That’s why oracle appoints Mark Hurd as a CEO of oracle in 2010. With his 30 years of technical and managing experience and skills, he helped the company to grow. He is a well known face in the business industry and every company wants him to be a part of their firm.

Before joining oracle

Before he came to oracle, he was at a very important designation in HP. In HP he served as a CEO as well as president of the company and over there he was also the chairman of board. His vision, guidance, innovation, how to attract the customers and his experience also increased the operational efficiency lead to the growth of HP to a new level.

Before making a switch to HP he served 25 years of his service in NCR Corporation. His personal and real growth is right from this company only. In NCR Corporation he handled many different roles such as operation roles, marketing roles and management role.  In NCR, he joined at a very low post but his hard work, dedication as well as greater ability to approach and handle the business helped him to grow very quickly in the company that resulted in him being appointed as a president of the company in 2001 and in 2003 he got the designation of the company’s CEO.

Personal honors 

In 2009, he achieved the feat that every business manager dreams of, because in 2009 he was honored and named as the market’s best manager. In 2007 he was also included among top 25 people who dominated the business industry.

Scale Up Your Business With Traffic Generation Software

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "business growth money"Professional degree course or management course can provide you the theoretical knowledge about the business but the implementation of your business knowledge in your business can be risky. Hence, you should get the software program like 100k factory to make your online business a success. It is the software program which includes the manual and the videos which help you to understand the underlying concepts to push up your business to the next higher level. There are many more such software programs that help the business owners to check out the most appropriate way to boost up their business and enable higher profitability.

Meet the need of driving traffic on your site

One of the major problems which all the online businesses are facing these days is the lack of traffic on their site. Due to the presence of more than several thousands of online stores, the number of customers got divided hence you can experience the low arrival of traffic on your site. If you want to get the boost to drive the traffic on your ecommerce website, then you need to get the reliable software that will help you with the strategies to get more traffic on your site. 100k factory reviews state that this program is effective in driving the traffic on your website through the unique traffic generation techniques.

Implementation of the marketing campaigns

Software program for boosting the ecommerce websites provides the tips and tricks which are generally not known by the common people. These tricks can often be considered as the marketing tips which help in drafting the best marketing campaigns for all types of businesses to witness the remarkable increase in the web traffic on the site. Business owners also learn about the drop shipping technique which helps in reducing the upfront cost of the ecommerce business.

How The Hack App Works?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "snapchat hack"Everyone knows about Snapchat that it is an instant messaging app. This messaging app is one of the most popular and downloaded app in the world. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is that this app offers the feature that are missing in other apps and that feature is the messages get deleted or removed after it has been read or viewed. This kind of privacy feature enabled Snapchat users to text and shares various types of images they want. But now-a-days in order to break this privacy, many snapchat hack apps are available by which you can see the text logs and images they share with other users.

How this app works?

Working of this app is very simple you only need to give the username of the person on whom you need to spy. Then you need to select the features that you need to see of that user. After this, you can spy on them very easily. Whatever they share or text to other users, you can see it whenever you want and even when the person, on whom you are spying, removes those messages from their chat.

Person whose account is hacked gets no signal that someone is keeping an eye on him/her until or unless you disclose it to them. This feature proves to be very beneficial for the parents who want to keep eye on their children without letting them realized that parents have entered into their privacy zone.

One of the best features that you get from this app is that they also offer you a feature of password hacking of any other Snapchat user. This app hacks password of the users in such a way that the users get no idea that their account is get hacked and all the details directly go the person who has hacked their account. This hack app comes for free you can easily download it and keep spying on the person you want.

Some sweetest things to say

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dating"When you are on your date, it is imperative that you talk sweet so that you can easily win the heart of your lover. People love to listen to sweet and beautiful things and especially girls love to listen to praises and affectionate words. When on mensen ontmoeten, you should prepare yourself to know how to talk and you should always prepare in the best way. Some of the sweet words that you can say at a date are listed as under:

  • Can I hold you gently? This is one of the most sweetest thing that a girl loves to listen to because they love to be cuddled and hug tightly. This gives the women the privilege to think that the guy keeps her on the fore front and she feels really obliged.
  • I really think about you all the time: When you say these lines, it means that the person is present on your mind for nearly every time of the day and it makes the other person feel special. This also shows that the memories that you both create are really worth remembering and you are in love with your partner to the utter most.
  • Your eyes are my whole world: When you gaze into someone’s eyes, it really shows your interest and the time that you would want to invest in that person. It also shows that they matter to your for just their selves.
  • I find you beautiful: Girls love to hear the words beautiful whenever they go on dates. Not just outer beauty but the inner beauty also matters the most. When you say these things to your loved one, then they feel beautiful themselves and your relationship can flourish.
  • I trust you : These three words can make your relation the best part. When you trust your partner, you feel complete and free.