Cataract Surgery And Its Benefits

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Cataract Surgery"Cataract is an eye condition that happens mostly to the older people, but it does affect the people of all ages on a lower scale. Cataract is a milky cloud like figure that starts to appear in front of your eye. But in actual, it is clouding of the natural lens of your eyes. The person who is suffering from this condition complains of blurred vision, and cloudy view with less sharp colors. In zaćma mavit surgery, a cut is made on the front part of your eye very carefully. Through that cut, the doctors carefully extract the cataract out of it and place a plastic over it. Then finally the doctor stitches the cut and the next day of the surgery you are free to go to your home.


There are many benefits of cataract surgery. Some of those benefits are listed below.

Improves your daily living – This surgery improves your daily living in a huge way. After the surgery, you can do all those tasks in which you are facing some problems before surgery such as reading the newspaper, watching the television, driving your bike or car, seeing anything at the night time. Patients with cataract need a lot of assistance at everything as they have problem at seeing anything properly.

Decrease the risk of falls and fractures: Most of the older people have heavy bodies and less strength. A cataract makes it difficult for the older people to see the things clearly. It is hard for them to spot a bump or high low ground levels which make them fall onto the ground and result in fractures. But with clear vision, they can easily see all the obstacles that are in their way. A small fall may result in fracture in hand or in shoulder where as major fall may result in fracture on leg or hip girdle.