Can you overcome shyness by dancing?

In short? Yes. As someone who has been extremely introvert and now able to properly talk to other people, I say that it is very possible.

First of all, I was so shy in the past that I couldn’t talk if there was a group of more than 2 people (including myself). Now I can actually talk in a small group. I am not yet a good public speaker but I remember that I was so shy that I could barely do presentation at university due to my shyness. As I said previously, I am still not a fan of presentations or public speaking but I would survive the procedure if I had to.

So, what happened? I started dancing lindy hop which has helped me in all my life areas possible. I made a lot of friends and became so much more confident. I started travelling a lot due to dancing. I also made some business relations and deals with other dancers.

There is no science as to how lindy hop actually helps overcome shyness and awkwardness but my guess is that you are forced to socialise with opposite sex people all the time. In classes, you always rotate partners which forces you to meet and socialise with new people. Overtime, you get used to it and get better at talking to other people.

Lindy hop is not just great for socialising, it’s also amazing for getting or keeping fit, losing weight and, obviously, spending a lot of money because it can cost a lot to attend camps and events.

With that said, I must admit that lindy hop has changed my life for the better. I met so many amazing people. Lost a lot of weight – 20 kilograms within the first 8 months of dancing and maintained my 75 kilograms, which, I think, is great. So, if you are not a lindy hopper, start now.